Christian audigier from France, after years of wallowing in the fashion industry in a number of big brands, then take advantage of the unique style of truckercap successful host, famous fashion industry. After he moved to the United States, under the United States by chance met a tattoo master doned hardy, love tattoos and rockn'roll culture he was struck, the market has not yet found a pattern to the tattoo t-shirt brand, then bought the don ed hardy tattoo design patents, founded his own tattoo clothing brand ed hardyby christian audigier, while christian audigier individual series of the same name can be said ed hardy "Advanced Edition", its design inspiration from the streets of la designer apparel and home Paris. Clothing using the brand and flavor of classic rock tattoo designs, including skull pattern, crosses, hearts just like geisha, etc., and on a variety of tee and cap hat special added luxury of amphibole, iron gold or gold embroidery stitching and other decorative details , creating a luxurious feel.